Wholesale clip in hair extensions

Wholesale clip in hair extensions: the best way to enhance look

For those ladies and girls, who have lost their natural hair due to any reason like chemotherapy or any other reason, using hair wigs and extensions is the best way to enhance their look. Clip in hair extensions are easy to attach and can be perfectly matched with your own hair that is giving you longer hair, lowlights, highlights or added volume. Depending on your choice and requirement, you can choose the best one as all clip in hair extensions come in one or multiple pieces or wefts of varying widths that you can get according to your choice and requirement.


Using such extensions is beneficial in a number of ways. Selection of the best clip in hair extension is one of the vital decisions to make. They are made of pure virgin hair from the head of girls from different nations as per their choice and then transformed into the extensions in the most impressive way. Being 100% natural method, it requires no tools or chemical that lasts up to three months. Interesting thing is that such kind of extension is reusable and come with a gamut of added benefits like you can shampoo them or put oil into them.


A few simple steps will be helpful for you in choosing the best quality hair extension according to your choice:


First of all, you need to lay out your extensions or wefts on a flat surface, grouping together like sizes and then part your hair wherever you would normally. Process of using such extensions doesn’t end here. There is a lot more like section off hair in a perpendicular way from your part down to your ear and then use a hair clip to hold the section in place.


Repeating steps for two to three on the opposite side of your head and at the back of your head, section off the bottom inch of hair and clip up the rest of your hair along with selecting the weft of hair to best fit your section is another step to take to wear hair extension. It is important to keep it continue for each section. Don’t forget to use small hair elastics to develop sections of hair the same distance apart as the extension clips and open up the clips on the first weft.


In the further processing of wearing hair extension, you need to secure the weft clip on top of the elastic and snap closed. Smoothing out the hair with your fingers or a brush is important for smoothness and silky touch. Possibility of other steps cannot be ignored in the process. Here, you need to reach the right store to consult with experts to know more about it.