Product Description:

All size Hair Extension kits:
UK Euro USA Australia style Melting Glue-gun,
Glue stick, Adhesive sticks, Keratin Sticks,
Size: 8.00mm, 11.00mm, Color: Black, brown, natural clear & remover, super hair bond & bonds remover, size: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz


Extension tube or Micro Rings for stick hair.
Size: 3.00mm, 3.50mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm
Color: Black, dark/deep/medium/light brown, Auburn, blond
Copper Bell Rings(Long Tube), size: 1.80mm x 4.50mm, 2.30mmx5.50mm, 2.50mmx5.50mm, 2.75mmx6.00mm, 3.00mm x6.80mm, Color: Black, D. Brown, Med. Brown, Auburn, Blonde


Pulling Needle: Small/medium/big size
Pliers: Opener/Closer type
Fusion connector iron: 110V-240V, Euro/UK/USA/Australia type
Hair Extension iron: 110V-240V, Euro/UK/USA/Japan/Australia type
Color: Black, Purple, Sliver
Shrinkable tube
Size: 2.00mm, 3.00mm
Color: Black, white, brown
Melting Hot Pot, 110V-240V, UK Euro USA Australia type


All size & color Clips, Clips on(in) hair extension, Instant hair extension, Easy hair extension, Clips-ins, Clips on hair extension, Fusion hair extension, Keratin Bonding hair, Skin weft(Tape hair weft), Hand-tied weft


Training Mannequin head, Practice head, Foam head, Display head
Size: 12inches, 14″…22″, 24 inches
Hair Color: Black, dark/med/light brown, blond available


If possible, pls send your detail demands order list including which style/ item, colour, length, q/ty, we will send our best prices list to you in time.

Cooper Micro Rings                                  silicon inside micro ring


cooper micro ringsilicon inside micro ring


Aluminium Micro rings                        Micro ring samples kit

micro ringmicro ring samples

Needle                                                        Plier


Hair connector A type                             Hair connector B type

hair connectorhair connector_b

Hair extension tools kit                                Glue stick

hair extension kitsglue stick

Ultrasonic hair connector                                        clips

ultrasonic hair connectorclips


Blond Remover                                        Melt Pot

bond removerfusion glue pot

Melt Pot type B                            Hair extension Shield

glue pot 2Template

          Brush(A)                                    Brush(B)

Hair Extensions Brush Hair Extensions Brush

           Brush(C)                                     Plier&needle

Hair Extensions Brush Hair Extensions Plier



          Glue Grain                               Glue Stick (big size)


Glue Grain Glue Stick

 Shrink Tube                                                      3-in one metal needle

Shrink Tube Hair Extensions Tools

 Wig spray shampoo                           Metal Holder

Wig spray shampoo       Metal Holder


  Plier with micro ring hole                            Holder

Plier with micro ring hole         Holder


Hair Decoration                                         Gluegun

Hair DecorationGluegun

Wood Brush                                                       Wig Stand

Wood Brush      Wig Stand

  plier with micro ring hole(type A)    plier with micro ring hole(type B)

plier with micro ring hole        plier with micro ring hole

Ultrasonic hair connector(black)                   Italian keratin glue

Ultrasonic hair connector       Italian keratin glue

              Melt pot(big size)                   Melt pot(small size)

big size Melt pot      small size Melt pot