micro link hair extensions

Micro link Hair revolutionised the traditional fusion process by eliminating the risk and wastes generally associated with it, making less time-consuming.

The micro link hair consists of a pre-selected strand of extension hair, an adhesive-lined tube affixed to the root-end of the strand, and a guiding loop with a loop holder.

The guiding loop guides your own hair into or through the tube, to overlap with the hair extension to create volume, or to connect with the hair extension to increase length. Press the tube flat to hold in places both your hair and the hair extension. It is that simple. No need to apply heat that can harm your own hair. No need to dirty your hands with messy wax. No needle to cause bodily harm. No dropping and wasting of extensions. And no need to go to a Professional – You can do it your self or with the help of a friend. So whether you want to supplement your own hair a little or a lot, whether you want to enhance your appearances or completely change your hair looks. Whether you have a lot of leisure time or are constantly on the move, you can depend on high-end quality hair extensions system easy ring system. The easy ring system is a new process in which the metalring is already on the extension hair ready to be attached.

  • The FASTEST and SMALLEST extension method
    Easy to apply

The easy ring system results in the same bond as if you were using micro rings and inserting the hair but they are done in half the time.

They come complete with the applicator, micro ring / bead and hair. This means you don’t waste time picking up an applicator tool, threading the micro rings onto it and then inserting the hair into it.

Simply place a strand of your own hair through the loop attached to the extension and pull at the string which will automatically pull your own hair through the micro ring. The loop will slide off leaving only the tiny micro ring which is then squeezed with pliers to keep them SECURE and well HIDDEN under your hair.

It automatically pulls your hair through the micro ring without you having to thread it through using a pulling needle and spending hours just to do one strand.

The loop then slides off so you are left with just the tiny micro ring which is well hidden under your hair. All you do is then just squeeze the micro ring flat with the pliers which comes with your purhase so it sits nice and flat underneath your hair.

To remove them or push them up you can simply squeeze again with pliers to reopen them.