We Produce Tape Hair Extensions

We have been producing high-end quality tape hair extensions for our clients since 2009

We have been producing European remy human hair tape hair extensions since 2007. Now our Tape In Hair Extensions are the fastest selling and most popular hair extension method from hair extension technology innovators. As the leading tape hair extension wholesaler and manufacturer, DIANA Hair wholesales tape hair extensions to hair salons and beauty supply warehouse directly and work tirelessly to help bring you the absolute best and most advanced hair extension application methods in the world as well as the softest, silkiest hair. Our goal is that once you have had your hair extensions applied you will forget that you are wearing them. Almost completely undetectable, the DIANA Hair Tape Hair Extensions method will leave your scalp feeling so smooth that even if someone runs their hand down your head, they will not be able to detect that you have hair extensions attached.


DIANA Hair Tape Hair Extensions come in 41 natural colors that can be blended to create amazing micro-fine highlights without the need to bleach/ apply foils to your hair.


All DIANA Hair Tape Hair Extensions are at least 16” long and made using only the finest Diamond Euro Grade Remy Hair to ensure that the quality of your hair extensions lasts for many months.


Lightweight but with a thick full coverage of hair,”Once you try tape hair you will never go back!”


We also supply customizing your own brand and your logo service.




Ergonomically designed 4cm wide, micro tape tabs

Super strong tape that will last up to 8 weeks before needing to be refitted

FAST ATTACHMENT only 30 minutes for a full head

Fast & gentle removal only10 minutes for a full head

No messy glues or heavy and uncomfortable metal rings

Hair is thick from the tape to the tips with no split ends 100% Euro Grade Remy Hair

Can be applied to short hair or fringes

Shhhh….No one will know it’s not your natural hair.

Wholesale tape hair extensions


Section the hair into rows from left to right, leaving out at least 2cm from the nape and side hairlines.

Next, take a 4cm section from this row and apply the first tape tab, adhesive facing up, underneath the sectioned piece of hair.

Lower the sectioned piece of hair on top of the first tape tab. The sectioned piece of hair should be quite fine (approx 1mm) distributed evenly over the entire surface of the tape tab.

Place the second tape tab on top of the first tape tab/hair with the adhesive facing downward, then press firmly to ensure that 100% of the two tape tabs have been pressed together creating a firm adhesion.



To remove the tape tabs simply spray on an alcohol-based solution and leave to soak into the taped area for 2 minutes.

Next, simply peel the top layer of tape away from the hair, followed by the bottom layer of tape.

We recommend washing both your natural hair and the extension hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo before reapplying the tape. Do not condition the hair before reapplying.



To reapply the hair extensions, place a new piece of double-sided tape onto the taped area of the hair extension, then repeat the application process as shown above.