Keratin Hair Extensions are an easy and low maintenance option to add length and volume. It also called pre-bonded hair extensions or fusion hair extensions. It mainly includes I-tip, U-tip, V-tip, and flat tip. They are applied by attaching the bond of the hair extension with a small amount of keratin to a section of your natural hair. Keratin Hair Extensions are ideal if you like to wear your hair up high, exercise or swim regularly, as the bonds are very small, discreet and flexible. As the leading keratin hair wholesaler and supplier in the world, We supply all keratin hair in high-end hair texture and Italian keratin with incredibly long-lasting time.


 100% remy pre bond hair extension

Pre-bonded hair extension

Pre-bonded hair extension

Pre-bonded hair extension


Texture: 100% virgin remy highest quality hair
Type: U-tip,I-tip,V-tip,Flat tip available
Style: Silky Straight, Natural wavy, body wavy, loose wavy available
Keratin: America/Italy keratin. guarantee hair no shed/fall out
Weight: 0.5gram,0.6gram,0.7gram,0.8gram,1.0gram,
Length: From 8″ to 32″
-Color: 36 different human hair colors available


A bonding glue is attached to the tip of the extension hair and is applied at the root of the individual’s hair using a fusion heat connector wand.


Pre bonded extensions can easily be removed with a remover.


The tips of the glue are shaped as either:
* U / Nail Tip
* Flat Tip
* Shoe lace Tip.


Shoe lace tips can also be attached by using micro rings. You will need a pulling needle or hook to do this.


This process is done by placing the micro ring onto the hook or pulling needle. You then pull your hair with the hook or pulling needle through the micro ring and place the shoe lace tip hair extension into the micro ring. Then close the ring using pliers.


To re-open the extension simply use the pliers again.


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