High-end Virgin Remy Human Hair

The amazing hair texture

These are the highest quality Remy human hair extensions available to the customers. Virgin Remy hair begins with selecting the best raw materials. Only use healthy and youthful hair, which goes through our extensive control methods to ensure exceptional quality. Each strand is handpicked strand by strand to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction so no tangling occurs. Because of our endless efforts to ensure the best and use of the most advanced technology, Diana Remy hair will consistently deliver Super Quality, Full Body, Long Life, Luster.

We start with the highest quality virgin human hair available, the hair is sectioned and allowed to fall into its natural growing pattern.

The hair is then cut and carefully sewn to maintain the natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are virtually eliminated.

Our secret processing is done by hand, in small batches, and with no machinery.


The Best Hair Texture In the Market

Easy use to:

  • Manufacture wigs and hair extensions…
  • Other applied in fashion industry, beauty industry… depending on production technology and usage purpose.

The Top Grade Human Hair Texture

Ready to produce hair extensions

– Virgin remy black hair processed for texture only
– No dyes, no hennas, no colors of any kind
– Highest quality hair, no damaged hair, no synthetics or blends
– Highest quality weft, thin, flat, with no shedding
– Hair must be able to withstand color processing by professional clients
– Hair to remain tangle free after 100 shampoos
– Weft to remain intact, without loose hairs
– Hair weft true to length
– Curl pattern to the hair tips, no straight tips or over processed hair tips.
– No removing of cuticles, no coatings on hair
– Every pieces with same basic textures, with accurate and consistency.
– Hair to be soft, and ready to wear
– Hair weight: Depend on the request
– Hair length:14′–30′