What you need to know about correct hair extension suppliers

As the salon owner, you want to choose hair extension manufacturer to be your supplier of hair extensions, but there are many hair extensions suppliers online and offline. How to choose the right one to be your hair extension supplier is a good question.


1. First thing is that you have to guarantee your money is safe when you buying from China because there are many cheaters online. The standard legal company in hair industry must have business license from Chinese government. Ask them to show the business license to show you. Normally on the business license has the information such as register name and register capital.


2. Samples. Hair extensions sample always important. Ask some samples from your potential supplier and then make a compare. Compare the price and compare the quality.


3. Service. The service include pre-sale service and after-sale service. Big company may not your good choice. Sometime you are only a small salon owner and buy small. The big hair company doesn’t care about you and their service is bad. Medium size company always is your good choice to be your hair extension supplier.