What is mean of 5A,6A,7A,8A,9A hair?

When you are seeking hair extension supplies. Many hair extension supplies may tell you their hair are 5A,6A, even 9A or 12A, what does this mean? Does this mean the grade of the human hair? Let me explain to you.


In 2007. The HengYuan Products Company. Created a system to mark the different ratio in their weft products. Single A grade means 1/10 long hair. AA(2A) means 2/10 long hair.AAA(3A) means 30% long hair mix in the weft. That’s the meaning of A-AAA. 9A means the 90% long hair blended in the hair product. The highest score is 9A human hair. no one better than 9A.


The A-9A are just means the ratio of different hair. But from the hair texture point. There are only two hair texture in this industry. Remy and Non-remy. Remy hair is cuticles in the same order and direction. Remy hair source from girls’ ponytail. Normally speaking. 5A,6A,7A,8A,9A normally made of non-remy hair. All the ratio are man-made ratio. Not the original ponytail hair ratio. The cuticles haven’t in the same order and direction. That is why the price of 9A always lower than 100% remy human hair.

Finally, You need to test samples no matter the sellers marked their products as 8a, 9a or something else. Testing samples yourself to make sure the quality whether meet your standard or not. Some factories ’s 8A products even have better ratio then other’s 9A products. Because in this business and industry. The each factory has their own quality standard which cause quality differences. Secondly, you need to know all the hair products made in China at the moment no matter Great lengths or Socap because it is a industry chain. From the raw hair collectors, manufacturers, hair distributors, hair salons and individual consumers. In other countries there is no relative industry chain to support hair business chains. Be patient. Testing samples. And you will finally find the good hair supplier.