What are Skin Weft Extensions?

You may be wondering what on earth skin weft hair extensions are. Well, I can confidently say they may change your extension choice forever and make you wonder why you have never used these before.


In a nutshell, they are tape extensions. But they have their differences and it is in these differences where the magic lies.


When you look at a traditional tape extension you will notice a section across the top that is shiny and has a thin plastic look to it. This is the glue that holds it all together.


When you look at a skin weft you will notice there is no shiny panel across the top. Instead there are human hairs running all the way to the top then threaded through a hidden section.
















The reason that this is so much better is that when applied, it will look like natural hair growing straight from the scalp. Sounds a little strange but it is the best thing in making hair extensions discreet.


You can tie your extensions in a super high ponytail and even if they were being seen they look just like the natural hair so no one would ever know that you are wearing extensions! This is especially helpful for those with finer hair that may be prone to extensions ‘popping out’ and being seen.



The other advantage of these is that if your roots are a deeper colour than your ends (very common with the popularity of the balayage trend) the extensions can be coloured to match this and create a seamless, perfect blend. Traditional tape extensions cannot be coloured in this top section due to the glue panel.