Top 5 hair extensions factories in the world

There are many hair extensions wholesalers, distributors in the worldwide, But most of the hair extensions factories locate in China. They produce hair extensions and export the hair to the worldwide market.  As a man in this business 14 years. let me summarize the top 5 hair extensions factories in the world.

  1. Rebecca, Rebecca is the definitely No.1 hair extensions factory in the world. It established in 1990 and now has more than 50,000 workers and nearly 20 branch hair extensions factories. Rebecca is the only hair extensions factory which lists in Shanghai stock market. Warren Buffett is one of Rebecca shareholders.
  2. DragonProof. Dragonproof is one of the largest hair factories in China. It mainly exports to USA and Africa market.  Many famous brands such as “Sensational”,”Milkyway” are their clients. But they mainly produce weft hair for Africa-American and barely produce high-quality hair products for European customers.
  3. Great Hair, Great Hair is one of the top hair factories in China which produce high-quality hair extensions to European and Caucasian market only. Greatlength and So.cap purchase hair from them. Great hair has been supplying to Europe since 2005 and the quality has been proved by strictly European clients. Great Hair mainly produce tape hair extensions and clip in hair extensions from 18′-24′
  4. Diana Hair. Diana Hair is an affiliated company of Great hair. Diana Hair mainly produces European remy human hair for Australia and European market. As well as lace front wigs.
  5. Dadi Hair Factory, Dadi is the top hair extensions factories in China which mainly produce high-quality machine made weft and hand-tied weft for USA market and Africa market.