Top 5 tape hair extensions wholesalers and manufacturers in the world

Every industry has their leaders. such as BMW and VW in cars industrial, BP and Shell in petrol industry. The following is 5 top leaders in hair extensions industry, particularly the tape hair extension manufacturing and tape hair extensions industry。


1. Rebecca, Rebecca is the largest hair extensions company in the world, it has more than 50,000 workers and staff. Yes, it is true, more than 50,000. Their quality is good, whilst price is good as well.


2. Greatlength, Greatlength is one of the leading hair products companies in the world, it collects raw hair in China and bleaches their hair in Europe,Greatlength has their certificated hair salons across the world.


3.Diana hair, Diana Hair is the innovator in hair extensions filed, particularly in tape hair extensions wholesale field. in 2009. Diana hair created the first piece of tape hair extensions although at that time, the most of hair stylists still use keratin hair in their salons.


4.Platinumseamless, Platinum seamless is a hair extensions company which the headquarter in Miami, USA. They have hundreds of certificated hair salons and hair stylists that using their tape hair extensions.


5.So cap Euro, Actually,there are 3 different professional SO.CAP. hair extensions companies. The original owners are brothers. They split up the business and each started their own company.