Top five Tape Hair Extension Suppliers and wholesalers

There are many tape hair extension suppliers and wholesalers in the world, Some of them wholesale only but without producing such as Socap. some of them have their own workshop or factory such as Great length and Rebecca. Let me introduce the top 5 tape hair extension suppliers in the world.

1.Great length. Great length has their own small factory in Europe and produces hair extensions in their brand. although they are buying raw hair from China, the main producing is in Europe. Their producing volume is not large but the quality is really nice due to their high-quality standard.

2.Diana Hair. Diana Hair is the OEM tape hair extension supplier behind many famous brands since 2007 and they learn techniques from Europe. They have a very quality standard due to their strictly European clients.

3.Socap. Socap was founded by brothers and then they separate into two companies. one is Socap USA and another is Socap Europe. Their hair imported from China and they have a very strict quality control of their suppliers.

4.Platinumseamless. Platinumseamless is USA brand which has thousands of certificated hair salon across the USA

5.Hollywood Hair. Hollywood Hair is a large hair extension distributing companies located in Australia which focus on the Australian market. They have a very good reputation in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia.