The top 5 clip in hair extensions suppliers in the Caucasian market.

Clip in hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions. There are many clip in hair extensions wholesalers in this market. Some of them are factories and some of them are wholesalers and distributors. Clip in hair extensions are mainly made in China, Turkey, Brazil and some of the European countries. The hair texture could be Asian hair which includes Chinese hair and Indian hair, or hair come from Ukraine and Russian. Of course, there are some top sellers in this industry from the quality standard to their brands. Here is the top 5 suppliers in clip In hair extensions wholesale industry.

  1. GreatLength. There is no doubt Greatlength still is number one in this industry. Because it is the only brand that made in European. Their factory in Europe and using Europe quality standard.
  2. Diana Hair. Diana Hair is one of the leading manufacturers in China which focus on the Caucasian market for years. Diana Hair produces long length hair in remy human hair for Caucasians only. That’s means they do not produce short length hair for African-Americans. And they have many years experiences exporting to European clients which teach them to learn to meet the European quality standard.
  3. cap Euro and So. cap USA. Many hair salons using their brands in Europe and the USA although their hair extensions suppliers in Qingdao, China but So.Cap has a very high-quality standard requirement that’s why their products have a high reputation in Europe for years.
  4. Zeropiu is a young company that based in Italy. Their headquarter not far from Milan which is the center of the fashion in Europe. The products of Zeropiu is competing with So.cap but they have a little lower price. Particularly in Italy market, Zeoropiu is ruling the market.
  5. Hairzone,Inc. There is no doubt Hairzone.Inc is the largest hair extensions company in the world. Its headquarter in the USA which their products mainly for African-Americans. Their strongest products are hair weft but they starting to sell clip in hair extensions in recent years. They develop very fast due to their existing sales network.