Pre-Application Process Of Remy Human Hair

Your hair extension is simply going to be like your own hair and thus, you need to take proper care of that. These hairs cannot get the cleaning and cleansing by themselves. So, it is as much important for you to care and guard your hair from dust, sand and tangles. As one of the leading hair extensions suppliers, we suggest you to stop rushing into anything and rather prepared your hair for the hair extension process.


Application Before Applying Hair Extensions:


v Cleaning Your Own Hair:


Use a clarifying shampoo for your own hair before going to the parlour, and cleanse it thoroughly and rinse well. This may take 2-3 washes and rinses because it needs a proper cleansing rather than just rubbing of some dust. Natural scalp oils negatively affect your hair extension bonds. Thus, cleaner the hair, easier the work gets and thus, better you get the result.


v Clean Your Extension Hair Before Applying


Shampoo your extension hair but do not use clarifying cleanser for that. In case you are using some potion or oil based product on the extension as well, then it is surely advised to clean it before applying. Dirty or oily hair negatively affects your bonds. It is not a good keep the hair dirty anyway.


v Preparing Strands For Applying


Don’t let your extension strands get turn around while applying as it causes tangling. You can prepare your own hair as per you want, wavy or curly extension hair with a flat iron. This will help you line up of your bundles as well as keep strays from getting into your bonds.



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