How to remove the tape hair extensions?

Tape-in extensions are truly one of the most revolutionary developments in hair extensions. Clients and stylists alike love the quick and seamless way they install, and how easy they are to maintain. In fact, Tape-In extensions have been one of our best selling hair extension methods since they first launched!


Still, from time to time we get questions about the best techniques for removing Tape-In extensions and how to squeeze some extra life out of them. Remember that, as a stylist, you can empower your clients with this knowledge, whether it’s in the consultation or during the actual visit. Here are some useful tips to use as a refresher or to pass on, that’ll make everyone’s job just a little bit easier.


Tape-In Removal Tips

  • Remember to always start at the nape of the neck and to section out the lowest (bottom row) of Tape-In extensions, so that the wefts are exposed.
  • Apply Tape-In Bond Remover  to the adhesive bonds, and wait for a few seconds. Note: Make sure to use Tape-In bond remover for Tape-In extensions, and not Keratin bond remover!
  • Once the Tape-In bond remover has soaked into the weft for a few seconds, gently pull the adhesive strips apart and slide them out of the hair.
  • Repeat the steps above, working up the back of the head and sides, until every weft is removed.
  • When the Tape-In extensions have been removed, wash any lingering residue out of the client’s hair.


Tape-In Extensions Maintenance
Some of Tape-In extensions most prominent features are their economy and usability. With just a little extra TLC, clients can really make these extensions really last, maximizing the life and length of their hair extensions transformation. Here’s some essential tips remember and pass on:

  • Make sure clients don’t wash or wet the adhesives on their extensions for 24 to 48 hours after the installation. While the adhesives are medical grade, this kind of interference can weaken their initial adhesion and cause them to slip out later.
  • Encourage clients to schedule touch ups on their extensions every 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Make sure that clients know that their Tape-In wefts can be re-used 1 to 2 times, depending on the wear. To reuse a Tape-In extension, simply apply Tape-In bond remover to clean off adhesive residue and remove the wefts. Then, using the Replacement Tape. Organize each extension strand upon removal so that each strand can be reattached in the same position as before. This will prevent you from having to reblend the extensions. Thoroughly wash out the bond remover, ensuring that it’s completely washed off before re-installing. Clarify the client’s hair as appropriate.
  • Make sure to remind clients to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

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