How to remove the glue off skin weft/pre-bonded hair ?

About how to remove the glue from hair, here state some ways for you :


1. You have to crack the glue and use the solution you get with the removal kit, apply with glue remover, let it sit on there for a minute then soak in warm shampoo-y water.


2. If you don’t have glue remover, you need to smother your hair in conditioner, and comb it out, it should just slip through your hair without ripping it out.


3. You need to go to a professional.  Mix 3/4 acetone nailpolish remover with 1/4 regular alcohol (not liquor) and spritz it on the glue. Wait a couple of seconds and try to comb through it. Make sure that your hold on to your hair at the base so that you do not put additional stress on your hair. If it doesn’t soften the glue, you will have to go to a salon that specializes in hair extension removal.


4. Go to the beauty store, Oil and heat must be used to dissolve the bonding agent and it is quite messy and time consuming.