How To Install Tape In Hair Extensions

If you want easy, mess free, and durable extensions without emptying your wallet, tape in hair extensions might be for you!


Applying tape in hair extensions is easy to do at home or by a stylist! Which is great when you want to try your hand at adding your own beautiful extensions.


The application process is done by placing two pieces of Pro-Flex II or No-Shine Tape Tabs onto each other with your own hair in between. This technique is called the “sandwich” technique.


If you are unsure about doing this process at home, we HIGHLY recommend you go to a professional stylist who has been trained to do wholesale tape hair extensions.


Step 1
Install Tape In Hair Extensions

Starting from the bottom, section your hair and make sure that you have a nice clean horizontal line in your hair.


Step 2

Install Tape In Hair Extensions

Place your first tape extension 1 cm from your hair roots and press down firmly.


Step 3

Install Tape In Hair Extensions

After you have firmly pressed the tape extension into your hair, lift the hairs that did not attach to the tape and clip them up with the rest of your hair.

After you clip the hairs that did not stick to the tape,  you will then place the second tape extension on top of the first tape firmly. Make sure the tapes are even.


Step 4

Install Tape In Hair Extensions

Once you have firmly place the two tapes together, take a small (or regular size) flat iron and place it onto the tape for one second. This way the glue with be sure to stick to the hairs in between the two tapes in the sandwich.


Step 5

Install Tape In Hair Extensions

And there you go!


Now, repeat steps 1 through 4 placing the tape extensions side by side with a distance of 1 cm.

After your first row, go up 1 inch and start your second row and work upwards.

While you are installing extensions, be sure to double check to see that you are not placing the extensions out on the sides. This will make them visible. Your extensions should always be covered underneath your hair.