How to choose the right human hair extensions supplier for your hair salon(store)

Many hair salons want to find a reliable hair extensions supplier and manufacturer in their salon for their hair extension services. Mostly, they will try to find a hair extensions supplier online or in the air Expo. But how to find the correct one.I think there are a few points you should take into consideration.

  1. Quality. The quality of human hair extensions is always the most important, without the good quality, your salon will lose your reputable and your customers will never return for their second service. So ensure that you have tested the samples yourself to make sure everything is OK.
  2. Price. Price is second important, because you have many competitors in your market. There are many hair extensions suppliers and wholesalers which sell hair extensions at low price, of course,with poor quality as well. Do not try to buy good quality with cheap price, that’s impossible. Get what you pay remark is still very reasonable,
  3. Delivery time. Generally speaking.Most hair extensions are made in China. Whatever you use ocean shipping or air shipping. The extraordinary hair extensions supplier can always supply the fast and safe delivery to your hair salon.


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