How to choose hair extensions with your skin color

Would you like a nice hair extensions? Here today, we will share the topic about how to choose appropriate hair extensions according to your skin color.


1. White skin
White skin is beautiful, but if you choose a wrong hair extensions, you will look unhealthy. Remember that light brown or soft colors hair extensions will make your face ruddy and better.


2. Yellow skin
If you skin color is yellow, you can choose black, light brown and other darker colors hair extensions, that will make the skin whiter. Remember do not choose yellow color, it will make you look worse.


3.  Black skin
Black skin is dark and dull, you would better choose natural black, orange or other bright color hair extensions to make your face bright up.


4. Natural skin color
This kind of skin color is the best that looks healthy and shiny. So there is various choices of hair color such as yellow, brown, red wine, blonde, black, coffee color hair extensions.


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