Why not purchase from hair extensions from the hair factory directly?

If you were a hair salon owner, some of the hair salon owners will buy hair extensions from their local wholesalers or distributors, others will buy hair extensions from the hair factory directly.

There are several benefits

  1. You could get the high-end quality. customized your color and customized your brand on the package. unlike buying other brands, You will have an opportunity that developing your own brand in your market. Also, factories produce any colors that you want, include ombre color, balayage colors and many etc.
  2. You can get better prices than buying hair extensions from local distributors.  hair factories produce hair extensions and then shipping to your hair salon directly so that you could avoid customs duty and taxes to reduce your business cost.
  3. Marketing support. The hair factories will supply the help to you if you want to print your catalog, brochure, poster etc. Hair business is a chain business which includes many industries such as salon equipment, shampoo, capes, cutting collars. They may help if a hair salon owner has a remand in these requests.

Overall, Buying hair extensions directly from a hair factory is good and benefit for your hair salon business. Diana Hair is one of the professional hair extension factories and suppliers. Let us start order from Diana Hair today.