Factors to consider for choosing hair extensions color?

Colors are always fun and when you talk about the current trend of colored hairs, it’s simply epic! The rainbow colors, neons, popping colored hairs are everywhere and no one is complaining! Color makes a lot of fun in general but when you are going completely bold with colors, most of the times, you do not get what you had in your mind. Make sure that you’re choosing the best color for your hair extension because it is an investment. How do you do that? We can tell you that:


Understand The Preferences

If you are trying to style yourself, then have your preference in mind and try out some of the colors through online apps with your photo. Determine the success or failure rate of the investment and take the time to understand exactly what you want, and why you want it.


Match The Skin

Human hair and skin tends to share the same undertones, so, your extension might be a color that might not suit your skintone. So, golden hair is more likely to have warm-toned skin, while someone with strawberry blonde hair is more likely to have cool-toned skin. So understand the skin tone, it can quickly reduce the overall number of options.


Complementing Features

Skin undertone is one of the key factors to consider and then you have to look for the match with other facial features like face width, eye color, brow color, etc. You can make your face appear narrower by darkening the hair color or wider by lightening it. Be careful on what you pick!


Use A Try-On Tool

As mentioned in the post earlier, it is a great way to find out which hair extensions will suit your face the best. Most of the hair extensions suppliers recommend using a try-on tool, this can be anything from a computer or online makeover program to a temporary color.