What To Do Before Applying Hair Extensions

You must have heard lots of things about getting extensions and exactly how can they turn into a disaster. You must be cautious of the product. You also need to take procedures to organize your own locks before applying the plug-ins. A bit of maintenance before applying hair extensions will not be a problem or you and your frizzy hair will be smooth and healthy forever.


Washing Your Hair
The fundamental rule of life is cleaning and before you do anything, you will need to clean things up and give space. Use a clarifying shampoo for your curly hair before going to the parlour, and clean it thoroughly and rinse well. This may take two to three washes and rinses because it has to have a proper healing rather than simply rubbing of some dust. Natural top of the head oils negatively affect your hair extension bonds. As a result, cleaner the hair, easier the work gets and thus, better you get the result.


Clean The Hair Extension
Shampoo your extension locks but do not use clarifying cleanser. If you are using some potion or olive oil based product on the extension as well, it is surely advised to clean it before making use of. Dirty or oily frizzy hair has negatively influences.


Preparing Strands
Hair which is not pre-bundled should be measured to make very small bundles when slicing at the weft. Avoid your hair extension strands get turn around when applying as it triggers tangling. You can make your own hair as per you want, curly or curly extension locks with a flat flat iron. This will help to you line up of your bundles as well as keep strays from getting yourself into your bonds.


Use hair extensions and surprise the world with new and various hair-styles everyday. Try out new and amazing hairstyle each day with your brand new extension. This is the reason behind their changing color, style and however, length of their curly hair and you must explore it. You can even take help from the talented hair-stylists too. You will look effortlessly beautiful with these extensions and get the length you desired for.

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