The advantages and disadvantages when you buy hair extensions

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of hair salon owners and beauty supplier shop owners that buying from overseas, mainly from Chinese hair extension manufacturer and wholesalers. Because prices are cheaper than the local prices. From my view, there are both advantages and disadvantages.


The advantage is obvious, the price is cheap. Currently, more than 90% hair extensions products made in China, China has the wholesale industry chain from raw hair collection to the final products while other countries do not have the wholesale industry chain. from the hair materials to hair products technicians. China has the unique advantages.


At the mean time, The disadvantages cannot be ignored. firstly, The waiting time, Generally speaking, clients have to wait up to 1 month until their order finish. Second point is the quality, There are more than thousand manufactures in this industry. not everyone has the ability to produce the products which could meet client’ requests. If you are a Caucasians and looking for hair products fit for the European market.sometimes some factories produce hair products that suit for Africa-American only. The final point is after-sale service.


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