4 Myths About Hair Extensions

The outfit, the make-up, your hair setting accessories and shoes must complement each other. We understand the value of fashion and if not fashion also, you wish to look a certain way and that is completely fine. We as the popular Hair extensions suppliers are focused in providing quality hair extensions where you will not suffer from any rave comments from onlookers.


1. Hair extension look fake

The myth says human hair or other hair extensions looks fake but not all the time. Extensions never look fake if the quality and measurement is fine and it will look natural. It blends in pretty well amongst your natural hair and proves to do total justice to all the money you have spent.


2. Uncomfortable to wear

The bonds in tape-in hair extensions will completely fit your hair without causing any discomfort. Then, the extensions are wiggled off easily. While buying, you should match thickness, color, texture and density though to achieve the best look. Human hair extensions are 100% virgin which means the hair cuticle is facing the same direction. This allows to dry, iron and styles the extensions as you could do with your natural hair.


3. Re-fixing extensions is messy

Well, no it is not. Yes it might be a little time taking but that is understood. One should allot 90 mins time for fixing the gamut of human hair extensions on the entire head. Also the good news is, human hair grows much faster after the removal therefore, it is not too complicated. We as the Hair extensions suppliers recommend to always follow removal and reapplication instructions.


4. Tough to maintain

Extensions are difficult to maintain, well, whoever said it must have gone through a bad experience. Yes, definitely you need a take care a bit but you don’t have to sacrifice to braid, blow-dry, iron, and scrunch effortlessly. You just need to be gentle while handling your hair. Only thing to follow is to avoid combing when the hair is wet.