10 Beneifts of tape hair extensions

  1. Money—- This is the most cost effective option. It is the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method
  2. Time—-It takes less than 1 hour to apply. Making it the fastest semi-permanent hair extension method
  3. Maintenance—Super easy to maintain. Wash and blow dry hair every day. No tangling. No slippage at all
  4. Natural—100% natural method that uses no chemicals or tools! No wasted materials used either!
  5. Workout Friendly—-You an swim, sweat, workout every day and the bonds will never be compromised! You will look great too while doing it.
  6. Wearable—Wear hair up or down without your extensions showing. Unlike other methods, You are able to wear your hair any way and have the extensions hidden
  7. Reusable—Diana tape hair extensions are reusable, Up to three applications. You won’t waste any hair.
  8. Easy to remove—remove extensions instantly using our coconut bond remover. All natural and blonds slide right out! No tangling or residue left
  9. Lightweight—The weft are thin and lightweight. Never pulling hair. 100% invisible tape that can be cut and styled anyway and without any heavy weight.
  10. Glamorous—Let’s be honest, It will enhance your look dramatically and make you 100% 24/7 No fuss, Just glam. Heads will turn, So be prepared!

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