As a hair extensions factory, We always have a minimum order limitation when we sell hair extensions to our clients. Normally the MOQ is 1.0kg in each length each color. The reason is mainly that our clients mainly are distributors and beauty supply warehouses, we do not retail to the public and personal using. Another reason is when we are going to bleaching and dyeing the hair. We need to at least prepare 1.0kg to start. It is similar as when you are going to publish your books or print newspapers. The printing factory has MOQ as well.

In the hair extension business. the sales chain is like this: Factory/manufacturer—->warehouse/distributor—>beauty supply shop/salons—>public/consumers.   Clients who intend to purchase from us need to meet the MOQ. Of course, sometimes, We may have some stock available. in this case, We do not require clients to meet our MOQ.

Also, there is another solution, You could mix up some different types of hair extensions, For example, you could buy 500gram 20′ flat tip hair and 500gram 20′ tape hair extensions, both in the same length and the same color. The total weight will be 1.0kg but you could get two different types of hair extensions.

We welcome you to contact us directly if you are running a hair salon or beauty supply warehouse if you intend to in hair extensions business. We supply hair extensions from the factory to your door directly, high-end quality and reasonable prices guarantee. Also, We supply customized package service, You could use the packages with your logo and brand.


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