Double sided tape pieces,replacement tape pieces,adhesive tape pieces



High quality Super hair tape blue color double side tape for skin hair weft / wig / lace / hair extensions
Size: 1cm*4cm
Package:1 sheets 20pcs

It is water proof, so quick to apply and lasts for 3 months!!!
1. Peel off one side of the tape paper, paste in proper place.
2. Push your fingers slightly on the net and the tape, so that the net could stick into the adhesive tape part.
3. Before peel off the other side of the tape paper, use first finger slammed the tape edge again and again, let the nets and the tape firmly stuck.
4. Peel the rest of the tape from the tail off slowly. (at this time, if the tape stick on the paper, and get off from the net, you could use your nail to separate the paper tape and the tape, then repeated step 3)
5. Stick the tape on your own scalp, as do finger pressing, use your fingers to push hard on the paste parts.
6. After paste, the adhesive power will become stronger and stronger with the time, so at the beginning do not lift from the scalp lift up the tape to confirm the adhesion.


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