How to place an order with Dianahair?

Many clients ask us how to place orders with us.

I am now introducing the procedure that how to place an order to us.

Firstly you have to let us know which products you are interested so that we could quote you the prices, then we could organize some samples to you to test the quality, (Please note the samples are not free. The sample will be charged at wholesale prices)


Secondly ,we will organize the sample producing, it will normally cost 7-10 days, then we will send the samples to your door by DHL. You could test the samples after you receive the samples. Then you can make final decision after the sample has been tested to check it whether it could meet your request or not. If the sample could meet your request. Then we can discuss the details such as packages and shipping( for example ocean shipping or air shipping). After all, you can place your initial order to us and we will start order producing after order confirmation. Producing will cost 15-20 days depending on the quantity. then the order will be sent to you by air shipping or ocean shipping as agreed.


Diana Hair is a professional manufacturer of human hair extensions and wigs. Our clients mainly are Caucasians included awarded hair salons and beauty supply warehouse. We produce top quality hair extensions and service to our clients across the world.