Machine Made Weft Hair


Weft (or woven) extensions are a process in which you create tracks on the individuals head and sew the hair extensions on.


Machine made wefts are not as thin as the hand tied wefts but are as strong and durable. They allow the hair to lay flat against your scalp to give you a more natural look once in place and significantly will reduce hair bumps caused by bulky wefts. The hair is also soft and luxurious.


We can produce 100% human hair weaving & braiding ( size from 6–28″ ) in any style & color, lesson wig(Practice head) ,men`s toupee, human & synthetic hair wig(machine made & hand tied) , wig display mannequin, pre-bonded hair(stick hair, nail hair, also V shape) ,100% Remiy hair extensions, hand tied human hair extension, skin weft, 100% natural remy human hair ponytails(12″-45″&up, they are Raw ponytail-virgin hair) , Double Drawn hair products,single drawn hair. etc.


100% Human Hair Extension(weaving) & Braiding in any color & any style :
STW-Silky Straight Weaving,
STB-Silky Straight Bulk or Braiding, RWW-Regular wave weaving,
RB-Regular wave Bulk or Braiding,
SB-Super Bulk or Braiding, DW-Deep weaving, DB-Deep bulk or Braiding,
SW-Super weaving(also called wet&wavy wave) , WW-Water weaving, YW-Yaki(y) Weaving, YB-Yaki(y) Bulk or Braiding,
Minky Yaki(y) , BW-Body wave, JC-Jerry Curl, Bebe Curl, Afro -A, Afro-B, Afro-C, Afro-D, Afro-W, etc. any style available.
(you are welcome to post yourselves style to let us produce for you)


We also can produce the cuticle hair (remy hair, or remi hair) products in weaving, braiding, fusion hair for you according to your request, and this is the top quality hair which kep same hair direction there.


We have many good skilled workers to produce handtied hair weft there too, this is good quality products there.


Size available:
6″-30″(4/6″,5/7″,6/8″,7/9″,8/10″,9/11″,10/12″,12/14″,14/16″,16/18″,18/20″,20/22″, 22/24″,24/26″,26/28″,28/30″, etc. ) or according to your request.


Color available:
1#,1B#,2#,4#,5#,6#,8#,10#,12#,14#,16#,18#,22#,24#,27#,30#,33#,60#,99J#,130#,144#,280#,350#,530#, 613#,
red, orange, green, blue, pink, burgundy, purple, etc. , Blond color, two tone color,3 tone color, tiger color, mixed color,
side by side color, piano color, etc. any color are all available.


Also customizing service available as well(click here)