Hair Swift Hair Extensions is one of most popular hair extension methods in Europe and Australia

Product Description:

1.100% remy human hair texture
2. Style: STW=Silky Straight Weaving Yaki Weave), Body Weft
3. Size: Length: From 4″ To 28″


Hair Swift Extension


Hair Swift Extension



The time saving extension system Hair Swift had been innovated by by Diana hair. The Hair Swift application method guarantees no damage and no chemicals to the hair.


An easy to learn, easy to apply durable, reusable method that is making history and taking only 20 MINUTES TO APPLY AND 10 MINUTES TO REMOVE!!!!


Tried and tested over the past two years and currently launched at this year. Hair Swift is an innovative, healthy and efficient addition to your current salon services.


This will add value to your business that will see your business grow attracting more customers, more revenue and increased turnover.


Why Hair Swift?

* The most profitable and simplistic application for a clients hair

* 20 minutes to install and 10 minutes to remove

* Easy to learn

* No Damage to hair, No wax, No glue, No Heat and No Acetone

* Comfortable to wear as the Hair Swift contours to the clients head

* Easily achieves depth, length and volume
This gentle attachment method does not involve glue, heat or chemicals. A tiny tube (Micro-Cylinders) is used to attach the strands with a special technique to your own hair.


Easy to install and removed by an expert. Applied in the correct way, this is a safe method that will not damage your own hair. This method can also be used for Weft Extensions. The cylinders come in different sizes and colors.





It’s a quick, easy, no-mess, no-glue, user friendly and re-usable hair method. Just apply it by yourself, or a friend can do it for you and wear it like your own hair.


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